IDE API Tooling

These are the open source management related tooling that I am tracking on as part of my research, and can be used as part of the API IDE process.


API Blueprint Manager

API Blueprint Sublime Plugin

An API Blueprint Sublime editor text plugin.


This vim plugin brings syntax highlighting and linting for API Blueprint.

Atom Editor API Blueprint Preview

The Atom Editor API Blueprint preview is a plugin for the Atom editor that allows you to render HTML representation of API Blueprint in the right of the current open Atom editor using CTRL-SHIFT-A. This plugin requires Agilou to be installed and available in your path.


Live preview API Blueprint in Atom


API Blueprint and MSON grammars for the Atom.io text editor.


Official mirror of the AWS Toolkit for Eclipse. For more information on the toolkit, see our web si


WSO2 Developer Studio IDE Public Repository

Eclipse REST Client

Feature rich rest client for developers to play with RESTful web services. It can be used to test any URL for following HTTP methods GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, HEAD, OPTIONS, and TRACE.


Swagger Editor


GitHub Extension for Visual Studio

If there is an "open source tool" that should be listed here, submit as a Github Issue, and I will consider adding.